Our Music Video

Chocolate Journey is very proud to bring you "Mismatch Shoes" by Play Masters with Armani Barrett.  Here's your chance to support youth who are engaged in positive activies.  To purchase the song, click the CD to the left. Also, Please click the red box to contribute to our crowdfunding campaign.    

Our Wish

As a non-profit creative arts organization whose mission it is to develop the creative talents of young people and then produce their artistic works, we have many needs. To see how you can help, please go to our Donate Page to donate your time, equipment or funds. We would be most appreciative and your donation is tax deductible. ​

Our Difference

We assist young people in developing their artistic skills and when they are ready, we produce their art work.  Young people are also included in the business side of art because we strive to develop not only creative artists, but also budding entrepreneurs. Our singers create new music which can be heard on the radio, iTunes or streaming platforms. The music video can be viewed on this website or on You Tube. Our young people share in the profit from all sales.  In addition, they identify a cause or issue they will support so they can learn not only to invest in themselves, but in the community at large.  ​

Our Why

​As more creative arts programs are removed from public schools, too many children grow up without the benefit of developing their artistic talents. This is unfortunate because art allows young people to express their feelings in an appropriate manner, improves their self-esteem and self-confidence and teaches them social skills and a host of other skills that will continue to benefit them throughout their lives.  Art should be there to ease and inform their journey. 

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