Leroy Barrett

Artistic Director

The Story 

The Engine

Shalimar Jackson, B.S.

​Board President

My name is Dr. Marchita Masters; I'm a psychologist and I've worked in the field of Behavioral Health for three decades.  I have observed how budget cuts have caused schools to scale back their arts programs. This is unfortunate because when young people develop their artistic talent, it can increase their self-esteem and help them excel in school. Art unleashes a passion for life. It can calm the nerves and become a strategy for self care, a means of expression, and it could possibly lead to a career. 

Chocolate Journey educates, celebrates and elevates young people by providing them with art instruction, then producing/publishing their projects. Our first CD/video project was released in November 2017 and is a super fun party anthem entitled  "Mismatch Shoes" by Play Masters with Armani Barrett.  Play  Masters consists of three very young first-time rappers and their teenage lead singer and mentor, Armani Barrett.   ​

Chocolate Journey's arts instruction helps to improve reading, math and language skills, increase attention capabilities and introduce music engineering. As Play Masters with Armani Barrett creates and performs more music, they will continue to develop self-confidence and entrepreneurial skills, in addition to academic skills.  ​

Your contribution will help us in our mission and will get you a tax write off. Thanks for visiting us at Chocolate Journey.  We wish your journey to be a pleasant, peaceful and passionate one.  

Dr. Marchita Masters 
Founder/CEO ​​​​

The Vision

To give rise to young people's voices.

The ​Mission​

Chocolate Journey is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which assists young people in developing their artistic talents and entrepreneurial skills by providing young people with training, including them in the production and marketing of their projects and the financial compensation that comes from the sale of their projects. Our members will learn to express themselves with various art forms including music, radio/TV broadcasting, publications and film. 

John L. Evans, MBA

Tayari Howard, B.S.
Instructor, Project READY