Play Masters with Armani Barrett

Introducing the newest boy group everybody is talking about: Play Masters with Armani Barrett.  From oldest to youngest, we have Armani (16 years old).  He is the guest lead singer, mentor to the younger members and the spokesperson for Chocolate Journey. We have Christian and Alahkai (11 years old) and Chianu (9 years old). The youngest three are first-time performers and are being developed by Chocolate Journey. Armani Barrett is an established performer who has a leading role on the new hit show "I Am Frankie,"on Nickelodean. Play
Masters is kicking off their maiden voyage into the music industry with their first song & music video "Mismatched shoes," a super fun party anthem released Nov 21, 2017. They are following that up with their second single "Bubble Gum," a sweet first-crush love ballad that's sure to get your feet moving. 

11 years old

Christian is in the 6th grade and has a beautiful smile that is outmatched by his beautiful heart. Christian enjoys playing basketball, football and video games.  He loves hanging out and having fun with family and friends. Christian also enjoys drawing and does so very well.  Because of his big heart, he is saddened by the thought of so many animals in shelters. He'd like to help spread the word and increase animal adoptions.  

11 years old

Alahkai is in the 4th grade and is a total daredevil. He loves spicy and hot foods and enjoys pushing himself with challenging activities. He loves his family, but also craves alone time to reconstitute. Alahkai enjoys football and playing with his friends and brothers. Alahkai absolutely loves everything John Cena and WWE. He enjoys wearing his wrestling belt and playing with all of his wrestling men. Alahkai hates seeing homeless people on the street and has decided that he'd like to help people without homes find homes. He has a very big heart, is very giving and loves freely.

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Mismatch Shoes

​​​Mismatch shoes, our first music video, was released Nov 2017.

Play Masters with Armani Barrett

These guys genuinely love one another and love to play, play, play!  In fact, they have taken play to  whole new level. They are truly Masters of Play or Play Masters.  They spend lots of time hanging out, playing games, playing tag, riding bikes, playing basketball at the park and any other way they can fit play into their day.  Of course, their mentor, Armani Barrett, joins right into the fun.     


10 years old       


Chianu is in the 4th grade. He really loves basketball, learning Spanish and playing with friends and his brothers. He also loves getting  brand new toys. His favorite performers are Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars. and he spends lots of time watching their videos and learning their moves.  Chianu has a desire to help foster children. He once saw a bus full of foster children greeted by San Diego Padres staff members at Target to purchase needed items. That was an impactful & emotional moment for him and he continues to talk about it.  Chianu's name means "God hears" and he has decided he wants to help foster children find loving homes.


​16 years old

​Armani is in the 11th grade and is pure talent. He loves the performing arts.  Armani is an all around entertainer with a list of credits to his name. He has worked on stage for years and is now a star on the new hit TV show "I Am Frankie," on Nickelodean. As a way to give back, Armani dedicates some of his time to Play Masters as their mentor and to Chocolate Journey as the spokesperson.  He also enjoys soccer, playing video games, ping pong and watching You Tube. He's the big brother any young guy would love to have. Armani is kind, playful and generous. He takes his position as a role model very seriously. Armani cares about our oceans and the animals that live  there; that's why he is passionate about helping to stop illegal shark finning.